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AirREX Air Suspension: Civic EG 92~95

CIVIC EG 92~95 

AirREX Air Suspension: CIVIC EK 96~00

CIVIC EK 96~00 

AirREX Air Suspension: CIVIC ES/EP3 01~05

CIVIC ES/EP3 01~05 

AirREX Air Suspension: CIVIC FD1 06~11

CIVIC FD1 06~11 

AirREX Air Suspension: Integra DA/DB 89~93

Integra DA/DB 89~93 

AirREX Air Suspension: Integra DB/DC 93~01

Integra DB/DC 93~01 

AirREX Air Suspension: NSX

AirREX Air Suspension 

AirREX Air Suspension: RSX DC5 02~07

RSX DC5 02~07 

AirREX Air Suspension: TL UA4/UA5 99~03

TL UA4/UA5 99~03 

AirREX Air Suspension: TL UA6/UA7 04~08

TL UA6/UA7 04~08 

AirREX Air Suspension: TL UA8/UA9 09~

TL UA8/UA9 09~ 

AirREX Air Suspension: TSX CL9 04~08

TSX CL9 04~08 

AirREX Air Suspension: TSX CU2 09~

TSX CU2 09~ 

BLOX 88-91 Civic/CRX EF Adjustable Toe Kits

BLOX Racing is please to introduce its new-and-improved adjustable rear toe kit for the 1988-1991 Honda Civic and CRX. 
You Save: $19.98

BLOX Racing 142 Spherical Shift Knob: Honda

BLOX Racing 142 Spherical Shift Knobs are made out of aluminum. The Spherical line of shift knobs are CNC-machined and anodized for durability and show-quality appearance.  

BLOX Racing 490LE Spherical Shift Knob: Honda/Acura

The 490-LE shift knobs are machined out of billet stainless steel and then custom weighted for maximum performance. Unlike the regular BLOX 490 shift knobs, the 490-LE shift knobs are polished and then PVD coated for that glossy appearance, superior hardn 
You Save: $14.00

BLOX Racing Adj. Rear Toe Kit: 88-00 Civic

The Blox Racing rear toe kit is designed for those die-hard tuners that look for additional toe adjustment or frequent toe adjustment for different race track or setups. These Blox toe arms come with performance bushings on both ends, which is also a g 
You Save: $19.91

BLOX Racing Block Guard

BLOX Racing engine block guards help strengthen and support the upper cylinder walls in open-deck Honda/Acura engines. CNC-machined from AL6061, the BLOX Racing engine block guard also provides maximum coolant passage to the head minimizing the risk of he 
You Save: $23.00

BLOX Racing Bronze Shift Knob: Honda/Acura

BLOX Racing Bronze (Gold) Counter Weighted Shift Knob 
You Save: $4.95


Blox Racing LS/Vtec Kit is the perfect kit for the entusiast attempting a LS/Vtec conversion. The Blox Racing LS/Vtec kit is the easiest and most complete way to supply oil to the head without any machining required. This kit comes complete with an 84.5mm 
You Save: $25.00

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