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5Zigen SP Front Pipe: GTR

5Zigen's optional front pipe for the GTR. 2-1 design. For competition use only. 
You Save: $75.00

5Zigen SP Street Catback: GTR

A free flowing exhaust is extremely important on a turbocharged car and the GTR is no diferent. 5-Zigen has spent countless hours of testing to come up with their Spec street Exhaust system for the GTR. It has a quiet nature that is needed on the street 
You Save: $350.00

5Zigen SP Tune Catback: GTR

A free flowing exhaust is extremely important on a turbocharged car and the GTR is no different. 5-Zigen has spent countless hours of testing to come up with their Spec Tune Exhaust system for the GTR.  
You Save: $250.00

AirREX Air Suspension: 08+ GTR

High Tech Engineering. Air Ride Suspension 
You Save: $49.00

Apexi RS Evolution Catback: GTR

Original 1-4 piping layout design to maximize power and exhaust flow efficiency. 
You Save: $350.00

APR Carbon Fiber Front Air Dam Lip: GTR

Underbody components such as front air dams, undertrays, and rear diffusers are essential for maximizing aerodynamic performance. 

APR Carbon Fiber Side Rocker Extensions - GTR

APR Side Rocker Extensions are the next step to help aerodynamically tune the handling of a car. Made of lightweight and durable carbon fiber composites, APR Side Rocker Extensions help reduce lift at high speeds by preventing air at the sides of the car 

APR Formula GT3 Mirrors - GTR

APR Formula 3 Carbon Fiber Mirrors are designed for optimum performance, most widely used mirror on formula race cars. Feature a left to right pivot at the mirror housing with an adjustable ball stub rod to allow a very wide range of adjustment. These car 
You Save: $6.00

APR Performance GTC-500 Adjustable Wing - R35

Spanning 70 inches, the GTC-500 Carbon Fiber Adjustable Wing is the largest wing available in APR's catalog. With its optimized 3D airfoil shape, the GTC-500 is perfect for high speed touring applications and supplies an ample amount of downforce without 

BC Racing BR Coilovers: GTR

The BR model is perfect for street driving and occasional road course duty. With easily accessible adjustment knobs for fine tuning your compression/rebound and separately adjustable ride height, having a performance coilover system couldn’t be any easier 
You Save: $300.00

Carbign Craft CF License Plate Backing: GTR

Dress-up the exterior with carbon fiber, molded to precise dimensions that only pre-preg. materials can achieve. These parts are exotic-looking, race-inspired, and are unmatched in quality. 
You Save: $16.00

Cobb Accessport V3: 2009+ Nissan GTR

COBB Tuning 

Cobb Accessport V3: 2009+ Nissan GTR with TCM Support

COBB Tuning 

Cobb Nissan R35 GT-R Stealth Black Big SF Intake System

The COBB Tuning SF Intake utilizes our custom design to maintain optimal flow and net the ideal performance while remaining unedited from the factory velocity stack. The custom conical cloth filter feeds filtered air directly to the engine, while maintain 

Forge Alloy Finned Trans Sump: GTR

This replacement sump is made from a solid alloy billet, finned to aid cooling, and is supplied with drilled and threaded tappings ( blanking plug included ) to allow the connection of an external oil cooler system. 
You Save: $85.00

Forge FMIC Kit: GTR

This front mounting intercooler has been designed as an upgrade for the Nissan GTR R35 models. After considerable trials, Forge found that the most efficient for these models, was a core of tube and fin design, and along with an overall increase in dimens 
You Save: $300.00

Forge Recirculation Valves: GTR

These valves are a direct replacement for the (OEM) original valves. They offer significantly higher flow rate capability, where other valves are just not up to it. This is achieved by utilizing an amazing 50mm (2") bore. 
You Save: $50.00

Forge Silicone Coolant Hoses: GTR

A set of Silicone Coolant Hoses (6) for the Nissan GTR R35 These hoses replace the top radiator hose, bottom radiator hose, top coolant tank hose, bottom coolant tank hose, hose from the engine filler to the block, and the water overflow hose. The are  
You Save: $15.00

Forge Wastegate Actuator: GTR

These replacement actuators utilise the latest piston design to eradicate the failures often associated with diaphragm actuators and are supplied complete with brackets ready to install. This product is assembled with springs suitable for at or slightly  
You Save: $50.00

HKS Intercooler Kit: GTR

The HKS Intercooler Kit for the Nissan GT-R R35 features two lightweight, large capacity cores and a carbon fiber air duct that greatly improves cooling efficiency 

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