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The ways of being a “successful” customer

Our market is one of the only ones where the customer AUTOMATICALLY assumes the price is negotiable and as a result doesn’t see the bigger picture. Here’s a few tips that will help us help you better:

  1. Don’t be an asshole: Treat others as you want to be treated. If you call me and act like an ass and give me attitude, I have even less reason to give you good pricing or preferential treatment. Don’t be a brown noser either, cause I can see right through that. And don’t take your bad day out on the salesman, cause that’s just being selfish.
  2. People make mistakes: Sometimes there will be mistakes made, and regardless of who’s fault it is, attempt to be understanding about it. If you are understanding, the seller will try to FIND a solution, rather than waste time fighting it out with you.
  3. Be patient: Special orders take time, shipping takes time, deliveries take time, picking up parts takes time, so be understanding rather than upset at every little thing that isn’t going your way.
  4. Don’t ask me for sponsorships: This isn’t a handout contest. Earn your way to the top with your OWN hard work, money, and elbow grease. Then get OFFERED sponsorships or help with your project, rather than beginning with nothing to show for it. You gotta EARN respect, you can’t expect it from the get go. And don’t get braggadocious about it…if you need to brag to me about why you should have sponsors, then maybe that’s why you don’t have any.
  5. Asking about price matching: A lot of shops offer “price matching” and as a result customers try to use this as leverage while hitting other shops up for price quotes. There is a way to be tactful about it, and immediately telling me “wow that’s expensive I can get it at ABC Motors for $XXX” is not a good way to go about it (see #1). If you can get a cheaper price than what I can do, then by all means do it, but don’t cry to me when the shop doesn’t come through on their end. Cliché alert! If its too good to be true then…yeah.
  6. Don’t be a lowballer: If you ask me “can you go any lower” when I’ve already given you a price break, that just becomes irritating (yet again, see #1). I am more than willing to hook it up on price, but goddamn this isn’t a haggle contest. You don’t go into the supermarket and ask for half off on the creamed corn, do you?
  7. Don’t believe everything you read: The internet has a wealth of good information. The internet also has a wealth of CRAP ASS information. Use your brain and choose wisely, and learn from real life experience.
  8. Be loyal: A lot of my customers buy from me time and time again, and this is probably one of the best feelings to see a returning customer. They might not always get the lowest price, and might have been able to save a couple bucks going elsewhere, but the fact that they come back and shop with me makes me even more willing to help them out the next time around.
  9. Running my stickers won’t change a damn thing: Running a shop’s sticker shouldn’t be some kind of exchange for discount. You should run it because you WANT TO SUPPORT THE SHOP.
  10. Buy QUALITY products: Demand the best! Do it right the first time! So many mottos run through my head, but it’s so true. You wonder why the current market is being bombarded with low-priced shitty quality controlled crap? If you don’t buy quality products (as featured by OG Made), then you’ll be left without any good choices, and all the great Japanese companies who have come to the USA will have to pack up and take it home.
  11. BUSINESSES NEED TO MAKE MONEY TO OPERATE: Gasp! Are you serious!? You need profit to operate a business? YOU SHARKS! LOL. Let’s get real folks…if you want GOOD shops to stay around, then you need to support them, so stop trying to squeeze every penny out of us to YOUR benefit. Paying cash doesn’t mean no sales tax! Shipping to a business address doesn’t magically cut freight cost in half! Good service costs money too. You gotta eat, and so do we!!!

          "The ways of being a successful customer" is quoted from by Logan at A-Spec Products.  

Payment Terms

SpeedElement/MPJ Performance accepts VISA, MasterCard, or Paypal at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For International Orders we only accept a money order or wire transfer . All orders are to be paid in full at the time of purchase; including shipping unless otherwise specified as part of the sale condition. Group buys and special order items, unless stated otherwise, will require a minimum deposit of 50% at the time of order. This deposit is non refundable on special order items. All orders can be completed using our secure website online or by phone at (510) 226-8822.


Shipping Terms

Free shipping service is via FEDEX Ground Service and is to the LOWER 48 STATES ONLY. AK, HI, Canada and other international customers contact us for a shipping quote before ordering. Please inspect all packages you receive carefully prior to accepting delivery of them. SpeedElement/MPJ Performance cannot be held responsible for damage caused during shipping to any items after they leave our warehouse. If suspected damage has been caused due to the shipping process please contact us immediately so we can assist you with the claims process. DO NOT just send the item back to us as the freight company will not take responsibility for the damage in this instance. All international shipping, including to Canada, is by FedEx ONLY. We will not ship USPS to these places due mainly to size limitations. Thanks. 

Returns Policy

In the event that the incorrect item is sent to you, please contact us directly to obtain an RMA number and we will arrange for collection of the unit and all associated costs. If we have shipped the order correctly and the item is simply not wanted or needed, then the customer is expected to pay the return shipping fee and a 35% restocking fee in addition to shipping fees for unused items. No refund or exchange after 30 days. No used items are returnable unless special arrangements have been made by contacting us directly for approval.

Warranty Policy

All products sold by SpeedElement/MPJ Performance come with their respective manufacturers warranties unless other wise specified. Any failures due to improper installation will not be honored by the manufacturer. SpeedElement/MPJ Performance at no time can or will be held responsible for product failures; it is the responsibility of the consumer to take up the warranty claim with the manufacturer. However, where available we will assist in any way we can in helping you the consumer in coming to a satisfactory conclusion.

Legal Notice

All pricing on this website are subject to change without any further notice. Not all items listed are in stock at all times. All products sold on this site are intended for OFF ROAD USE ONLY. Please check local laws before ordering. SpeedElement is not responsible for any fines that may be associated with installing these products onto you vehicle or any damages.

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